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E2 Dispensing eliminates costs associated with unnecessary planning, packaging and labeling of clinical supplies. Our most current pricing shows up to a 50% cost savings. Request a quote and see for yourself.

Position Statement

State Laws Govern the Dispensing, Labeling, and Counseling Requirements For Investigational New Drugs

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The Impact of DCTs on The Investigational Drug Supply Chain: Making Clinical Supplies Patient-Centric

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E2 Dispensing

E2 Dispensing, for the first time moves the packaging and labeling of investigational drug from a product-centric model to a patient-centric model. In this new model, drug supplies are dispensed to patients by a pharmacist from a central-fill pharmacy, according to the requirements and regulations of the practice of pharmacy rather than packaged by trained individuals according to the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices.

Simple, Effective, Cost-Efficient

E2 Dispensing eliminates unnecessary and redundant steps, delivering a simple, more efficient clinical supply chain. Clinical supplies are labeled and dispensed with a familiar, patient-friendly pharmacy prescription label, improving the quality of compliance and adherence.

E2 Dispensing not only reduces packaging, labeling, distribution, and storage costs, but also leads to a lower burden on Project Managers for planning, forecasting, and implementation as a result of the simplified supply process.

E2 Counseling

We Dispense Information®

Deliver Quality Results

E2 Counseling starts with the Clinical Trials Research Pharmacist (CTRP®), an RxE2 pharmacist who is trained specifically in clinical research. RxE2 incorporates the services of the CTRP to address the study quality issues of adherence, compliance and retention.

CTRPs provide patient counseling, either face-to-face or via telepharmacy. When talking with patients, CTRPs use open-ended questions to address patient concerns and gauge patient understanding of and compliance with the study protocol. In previous studies, CTRPs have helped correct patient behaviors regarding a multitude of critical compliance issues, including proper dosage, storage, usage of prohibited concomitant medications, and many others. Importantly, CTRPs are also directly available to patients by phone 24/7, ensuring that patients always have access, day or night, to expert assistance for any of their trial questions, no matter how small.

Why Pharmacists?

Utilizing Trusted Medication Experts

Today’s pharmacies are untapped resources. Pharmacists build lifetime relationships with their patients on a foundation of trust and one-on-one patient care. RxE2 understands the importance of these relationships and the vital role of the pharmacist in dispensing, compliance, adherence, and retention. The practice of pharmacy is the cornerstone of RxE2’s E2 Dispensing services.

Our Pharmacy Partners

We are proud to be partnered with the best in modern pharmacy practice to bring E2 Services to Everyone Everywhere.

E2 Recruitment

Reduce Study Time

Recruiting patients into clinical trials requires the trust of the patient and personalized, one-on-one interactions between the recruiter and the patient. These requirements may explain why technology has, as yet, been unable to overcome this major hurdle to shortening clinical trial timelines. 

The E2 Recruitment model uses trained pharmacists, with their already existing, long-term, patient relationships, to share information with potential candidates about clinical trials. After all, who better to recruit patients than the pharmacist, the most trusted medication expert?

RxE2’s unique E2 Recruitment services do more than use technology and data to enroll patients: they add a human touch from trusted medication experts. By using local, independent pharmacies in all corners of the US and the world, RxE2 not only establishes a strong foundation upon which clinical researchers can conduct decentralized trials, but also allows the 85% of the population who have never participated in a clinical trial the chance to get involved.