RxE2 and Newdays Pharmacy Expand E2 Dispensing Service for Clinical Drug Trials to the EU and UK

Press Release

August 3, 2020

E2 Dispensing is part of the RxE2’s decentralized clinical trial research platform, which makes clinical trial enrollment possible for everyone, everywhere.

Fargo, North Dakota, and London, UK July 29, 2020 --- RxE2 and Newdays Pharmacy have launched the first pharmacy dispensing services for clinical drug trials in the European Union and the United Kingdom. This follows the commencement of the same service in the United States by RxE2 and U.S. partner Thrifty White Pharmacy.

Pharmaceutical and device companies sponsoring clinical drug trials can now easily and cost effectively provide investigational medicinal product (IMP) to all qualifying clinical trial patients on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and meet respective local pharmacy regulations in the process.The E2 Dispensing platform also helps to improve clinical trial patient adherence, compliance, and retention by leveraging the pharmacist-patient relationship.

“Our decentralized clinical trial platform is now available globally to help the pharmaceutical industry continue with trials that may have been delayed because of COVID-19 as well as reengage plans for future trials,” said RxE2 CEO Gerald Finken, R.Ph, M.S.

The RxE2-Newdays Pharmacy partnership includes the following deliverables:

RxE2 will liaison with the study sponsor or clinical team, set up ordering procedures, and prepare dispensing instructions.

Upon receipt of a prescription and a request to ship, Newdays Pharmacy will dispense IMP directly to the respective study patients in the UK and the EU. Newdays Pharmacy’s clinical pharmacists will also be in regular communication with study participants to ensure proper receipt, storage, and use of the medication.

Olivier Picard, managing director of Newdays Pharmacy Ltd., explained, “I believe that the E2 Dispensing service will become the new normal for clinical trials in the coming years, once sponsors have realized the many benefits community pharmacists can bring to ongoing studies. Pharmacists are medication experts and are ideally placed to help with drug dispensing on behalf of clinical trial sponsors. They are also the perfect healthcare professionals to follow up on patient care after they have dispensed medications and help patients get the most out of their medicines.”

Mr.Finken continued, “E2 Dispensing understands the existing pharmacist-patient relationship and how it can be used to effectively streamline the currently inefficient process.  In our model, the trusted medication expert, the pharmacist, directly dispenses the medication to enrolled patients across the US, the UK, and the EU, as well as advises them on usage and storage and any other questions they may have. It’s time effective, cost effective and the most ‘Patient-Centric’ way to dispense medication and monitor patient understanding and well-being.”

About Newdays Pharmacy 

Newdays Pharmacy is an established, independently owned community pharmacy based in the UK, dispensing both NHS and private prescriptions to its patient communities. Newdays prides itself in its patient centric customer care, going above and beyond in ensuring the well-being of its patients, whilst at the same time always being at the forefront of innovation within community pharmacy. With the founders of Newdays also having a strong background in international clinical trials, partnering with RxE2 is a natural progression of the evolution of the ‘Newdays’ way of thinking; pushing the boundaries of ways in which community pharmacy can help improve patient outcomes and access to healthcare services, as well as constantly striving to forge new revenue streams for the community pharmacy sector as a whole.

About RxE2

RxE2 is the first company to make Decentralized Clinical Trials a cost-effective reality by integrating the practice of pharmacy into every aspect of clinical trials. RxE2 empowers local pharmacists, as trusted medication experts, to use their extensive patient knowledge to make clinical trials more accessible for Everyone, Everywhere, to vastly reduce clinical trial timelines and costs, and to help study sponsors and patients achieve higher quality outcomes.

To learn more, please visit www.Rx-E2.com.

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