RxE2 CEO and Two-Time USA Cycling Masters Nationals Champion Gerald Finken Donates $27,500 to NorthStar Development Cycling Club

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February 2, 2021

Fargo, ND, February 2, 2021--- RxE2 CEO and two-time USA Cycling Masters National Cycling Champion, Gerald Finken, is once again helping young cyclists. RxE2 announced today that it will donate $27,500 to support the youth programs of the NorthStar Development Cycling Club.

Mr. Finken’s current contribution will help to support the:

·      training of young cyclists, junior high school through college.

·      underwriting of the travel expenses and per diems for the team to participate in cycling events across the country.

·      creation of new and exciting cycling experiences for the young riders.

·      team’s food preparation for Second Harvest Heartland

Mr. Peter Olejniczak, NorthStar’s Executive Director said, “I’ve been a member of the program since 2011, first as a new rider, then a coach, and now a leader. As a new rider, I was motivated, but inexperienced, and didn’t know how to navigate the challenges of competition. A friend suggested NorthStar not only because of the excellent opportunities the program offered, but also its focus on personal development. The opportunities included participating in races around the country that exposed me to things I never would overcome alone. Most importantly, it's the community members, like Gerald Finken, that make up this organization that inspired me as a youth and now as a leader.”

Mr. Finken said, “I’ve always done my clearest and most creative thinking when cycling. In fact, it was a bike ride near Fargo, ND that provided me with the inspiration that ultimately led to the establishment of RxE2 and our creation of the first, AI driven, pharmacist-led, clinical trial platform.

Mr. Finken continued, “Cyclist training pushes you to build not only the physical strength, but also the mental stamina to achieve things you thought weren’t possible. Cycling has been a lifelong passion of mine. It is a joy to share this passion and inspire the next generation to excel and find their own inner drive through cycling as I have.”

About NorthStar Development Cycling

NorthStar Development Cycling is a non-profit corporation and a member club of USA Cycling, the organization recognized by the US Olympic Committee to sanction competitive cycling. Students are coached by USA Cycling-licensed and trained coaches. NorthStar was founded, and is managed and coached by volunteers who are enthusiastic to share the thrill of competitive cycling with the next generation.

About RxE2

RxE2 is the first company to make decentralized clinical trials a cost-effective reality. By integrating the practice of pharmacy into every aspect of clinical trials, RxE2 empowers local pharmacists, as trusted medication experts, to use their extensive patient insights and make clinical trials more accessible to patients, everywhere. This, in turn, vastly reduces clinical trial timelines and costs, helps patients achieve better health outcomes, and provides study sponsors with more accurate data. To learn more, please visit www.RxE2.com.

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