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Discover the Power of Community–Driven Patient Recruitment

50% of clinical trials fail to recruit
enough patients.

RxE2 Recruitment harnesses the power of our network of independently owned, community pharmacies, with pharmacists and their existing patient relationships, to rapidly provide a stream of diverse and highly qualified patients.

We put cutting-edge technology in the hands of the right health care professionals to “turbo charge” your recruitment efforts.

How We Do This

01. Identify

Selected pharmacies rapidly identify relevant and diverse patients via pharmacy databases and customer network.

02. Interview

Qualification interviews with patients are performed based on INC/EXC criteria and pharmacist-patient personal relationships.

03. Connect

Pharmacists directly connect pre-qualified candidates to selected study sites.

Community Healthcare Providers Harmonize Trial Standards with the Daily Lives of Patients 

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With 23,000 independent community pharmacies across the US and 55,000 pharmacists, RxE2 is using its technology to leverage  the existing business infrastructure of these local, trusted health care providers and help you meet all your recruitment goals on time.

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