RxE2 Agrees to Acquire Habitu to Form the First AI Driven, Pharmacist-Led, Clinical Trial Platform

Press Release

January 11, 2021

Fargo, ND, January 11, 2021 --- RxE2, which is bringing the practice of pharmacy to clinical research, announced today it has agreed to acquire Habitu, an Israeli-based technology company.  Habitu focuses on people’s habits and behaviors to create a KyP engine enabled by artificial intelligence, improving patient outcomes by providing real time analyses of a more comprehensive set of patient data. The engine is built on top of a distributed clinical trials management platform. Habitu’s technology, using its AI powered efficiency tools, will greatly enhance RxE2's pharmacist-led trial services and allow cost-effective scalability.

“To date, the responsibility has been on the patient to conform to the requirements of a clinical trial for the purpose of collecting data, including traveling long distances to the clinical site, spending long hours at the site, and working with unfamiliar healthcare professionals. Conversely, our approach is to adapt the clinical trial to fit the patient’s daily routine, leveraging the traditional, trusted pharmacist-patient relationship to go beyond data collection.  We gather real-world patient information, and thus gain knowledge,” said Gerald Finken, CEO of RxE2. “This approach enables the continuous collection not only of clinical data but also of the crucial subjective, emotional, and behavioral data, which puts the clinical data into context.  This contextual information has previously gone unrecorded by clinical sites and we have proven that it is central to the success of any study. The Habitu KyP engine and AI provides pharmacists with a unique tool to better serve their patients and provide quality data for clinical research.”

Habitu’s technology platform enables RxE2 to provide and manage pharmacist-led trial services in a distributed model which localizes the decentralized clinical trial model.  Pharmacists can quickly onboard to the platform and instantly identify appropriate clinical trials for their patients. In addition, Habitu’s technology platform will provide all RxE2 pharmacies with a single integrated system for collecting both clinical and subjective data.

Based on input from pharmacists, behavior patterns of patients, machine learning, and predictive algorithms, Habitu’s AI can foresee and predict potential challenges.  Sharing identified issues with pharmacists and medical teams allows them to make better decisions, proactively avert crises, and improve patient outcomes.

Yaniv Zilberman, COO of RxE2 and former CEO of Habitu said, “This is a new way of using advanced technology to solve today’s clinical trial challenges and on a grand scale. Gerald Finken’s vision to improve clinical drug trials by leveraging the trusted, local pharmacist-patient relationship combined with Habitu’s advanced technology and AI platform is certain to dramatically improve clinical trial outcomes, make clinical trials patient-centric, and improve clinical results from every aspect.”

About RxE2

RxE2 is the first company to make decentralized clinical trials a cost-effective reality. By integrating the practice of pharmacy into every aspect of clinical trials, RxE2 empowers local pharmacists, as trusted medication experts, to use their extensive patient insights and make clinical trials more accessible to patients, everywhere. This, in turn, vastly reduces clinical trial timelines and costs, helps patients achieve better health outcomes, and provides study sponsors with more accurate data. To learn more, please visit www.RxE2.com.

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