Reduce Study Time

Recruiting patients into clinical trials requires the trust of the patient and personalized, one-on-one interactions between the recruiter and the patient. These requirements may explain why technology has yet been unable to overcome this significant hurdle to shortening clinical trial timelines.

The E2 Recruitment model uses trained pharmacists, with their already existing, long-term patient relationships, to share information with potential candidates about clinical trials. After all, who better to recruit patients than the pharmacist, the most trusted medication expert?

RxE2’s unique E2 Recruitment services do more than use technology and data to enroll patients: they add a human touch from trusted medication experts. Using local, independent pharmacies across the United States and the world, RxE2 not only establishes a strong foundation upon which clinical researchers can conduct decentralized trials but also provides an opportunity for those who have never participated in a clinical trial, encompassing 85% of the population, to get involved.

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