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RxE2 Counseling starts with Clinical Trials Research Pharmacist (CTRP®), an RxE2 pharmacist trained specifically in clinical research. RxE2 incorporates the CTRP® services to address the study quality issues of adherence, compliance, and retention.

CTRP® certified pharmacists provide patient counseling, either face-to-face or via tele-pharmacy. When talking with patients, CTRP® certified pharmacists use open-ended questions to address patient concerns and gauge patient understanding of and compliance with the study protocol. In previous studies, CTRP® services have helped correct patient behaviors regarding a multitude of critical compliance issues, including proper dosage, storage, usage of prohibited concomitant medications, and many others. Importantly, CTRP services are also directly available to patients by phone 24/7, ensuring that patients always have access, day and night, to expert assistance for all trial questions.

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