Provide new healthcare options to your patients
Create a new source of revenue for your pharmacy

Clinical research is the key to developing new therapies and providing better medications for patients.

We believe that community pharmacists are an important untapped resource – you are a healthcare professional who enjoys access to your community, and you know your patients best.

We are incorporating the practice of pharmacy into clinical research to make clinical trials a viable healthcare option for Everyone, Everywhere.

We’re doing it with the help of cutting-edge technology and putting you, the pharmacist, at the forefront of clinical research, thereby allowing you to provide alternative treatment options to your patients and take part in revolutionizing drug development.

A win-win scenario: your patients learn about clinical trials from a trusted healthcare provider, and community pharmacies build an additional revenue source while discussing new treatment options with your patients.

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Gerald Finken
Founder & CEO RXE2

“As a health professional, I love being able to provide my patients with more viable healthcare options that they can easily access. Working with the platform provides me additional tools to engage with my patients, too.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RxE2?

RxE2 is a new and innovative pharmaceutical services organization focused on leveraging the power of community, and specifically community pharmacists, to improve the way clinical trials are managed and conducted

What services does RxE2 provide?

RxE2 taps into its vast network of community pharmacists and powerful, cutting-edge technologies to provide patient recruitment, dispensing, counseling, and operational services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

How does it work?

RxE2 welcomes independent community pharmacists from all over the U.S. to join. Once enrolled, we match you with the most appropriate clinical trial services allowing you to select those you wish to pursue. We support you by providing the required services during onboarding and throughout the trial. Most importantly, you will become a valuable member of our community, working together with other community pharmacists to improve healthcare options for your patients and elevate the practice of pharmacy.

How can I make money with this platform?

When you begin providing services to a clinical trial, you will receive payments based on the work performed, service type, and time invested.

How do I get paid?

Once you join our community and begin to take an active part, we will work with you to identify which payment options are best for you.

Will I receive training on specific clinical trials?

There is a resource hub for each clinical trial that you will be able to access. It includes information about the trial, training modules, status updates, and more.

Will I receive training on the use of the platform?

Yes. Once you join our network of community pharmacies, you will receive access to the platform and have a walk-through. Additionally, our support team is available to you.

How will I know there’s a new trial?

The platform matches your expertise and pharmacy profile with available clinical trials that may be a good fit for your patients. You will receive notifications about new trials and can access additional trial information to evaluate whether or not to participate in a specific trial.

“The platform is easy to understand and navigate. I like the reporting, which is very insightful and helps me track my activity. It’s also performing better compared to other digital solutions our pharmacy has tried in the past.”

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Cutting-edge technology built by pharmacists, for pharmacists.

See clinical trials pre-matched to your community, learn about the clinical trials that will benefit your patients, and track your progress with easy-to-use, cutting-edge technology at your fingertips.

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“More than 85% of the population has never participated in a clinical trial, yet almost everyone has been to a pharmacy. E2 Trials expand the opportunity to participate in clinical trials to more people by bringing the trials to them.”

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