Technology Platform

Habitu uses behavior-based intervention to adapt to patients’ habits and life routines, optimizing every step of the E2 Trials Process.

Habitu, RxE2’s unique technology platform, enables timely interventions and better trial performance

Procedural Support

The Patient-Facing mobile application acts a single point of trial operations, allowing participants a hub to manage medications, schedule visits, and receive notifications for trial preparations and procedures.

Professional Support

Onboarding the friends and family as a support system builds an extra layer of support and accountability for the patient, while creating extra lines of communication with the site team.

Emotional Support

A trial environment providing required information to the patient on trial, patient’s status in the trial, enhance patient’s knowhow of the disease and knowing the site better.

Modernizing Clinical Trials

Habitu assists clinical sites by translating patients’ behavior into meaningful interventions, optimizing alerts and day to day processes, and mapping trends to improve their monitoring capabilities.

Empowering Clinical Operations

Habitu improves data quality and real time monitoring on trial progress through a set of dashboards, turning simple data into actionable knowledge. The wisdom gained with Habitu empowers clinical operations teams to identify issues before they occur, increasing trial performance.

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