Localize Your
Clinical Trials

Clinical trials need qualified patients and investigational drug dispensing.

We deliver both.

Pharmacist-Focused Clinical Trials

Reduce Study Time

Clinical trials seek to evaluate the impact of medications on patients. Pharmacists are medication experts. RxE2 uses their expertise to streamline every step of the clinical trial process, from recruitment to approval.

Save On Supply Costs

The practice of pharmacy has always required both accuracy and precision. By incorporating pharmacists into clinical research, RxE2 helps eliminate redundancy, inefficiency, and waste, starting with clinical supplies.

Deliver Quality Results

When it comes to medication, the relationship pharmacists have with their patients is unparalleled. RxE2 integrates that relationship into clinical trials, improving patient adherence, compliance, and retention.

Clinical Trial Options for Everyone Everywhere

Clinical research today faces many challenges, from lengthy recruitment periods and poor clinical study outcomes to waste in clinical supplies.

Involving pharmacists as stakeholders in clinical research allows for the creation of new solutions to these long-standing issues.

RxE2 Delivers Results

E2 Dispensing

RxE2 moves the packaging, labeling, and dispensing of clinical supplies into licensed pharmacies, expanding the possibilities for decentralized and siteless clinical trials.

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E2 Counseling

RxE2 believes that engaged patients are the most critical component to successful clinical trial outcomes. RxE2 pharmacists provide counseling services to improve patient adherence, compliance, and retention.

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E2 Recruitment

Pharmacists build lifetime relationships with their patients on a foundation of trust and one-on-one patient care. RxE2 uses these patient-focused relationships to drive its recruitment services.

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RxE2 Puts
Patients First

Pharmacists have always been one of the most trusted professionals. In their practice, pharmacists develop close relationships with their patients and provide free healthcare advice to Everyone, Everywhere. At RxE2, we believe that these characteristics make pharmacists the ideal leaders to develop true patient centricity in clinical research.