Let's get acquainted

RxE2 is a digital health company delivering a new community-based clinical trials concept powered by cutting-edge technology that provides patient recruitment, dispensing, counseling, and operational services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. We are entirely revolutionizing how clinical trials are conducted.

A message from our CEO

I am pleased that you are interested in working with RxE2 and learning more about us and our E2 services. We are excited about the opportunity to work with you and to provide patients with the healthcare option of participating in your clinical trial.

I look forward to receiving your email, answering your questions, and discussing how we can work together to address your needs.



Gerald E. Finken

CEO & Pharmacist

Why we do it

We are committed to making clinical trials a viable healthcare option for Everyone, Everywhere™. With our new way of approaching industry problems, we can address the long-standing time, cost, and quality issues that have afflicted the industry for decades.

Clinical research is the key to developing new therapies and providing better medications for patients. We believe that community pharmacists are essential untapped resources – healthcare professionals who enjoy access to their community and know their patients best. We are enhancing these existing relationships between pharmacists and patients by using cutting-edge technology and putting pharmacists at the forefront of clinical research. This allows pharmacists to provide alternative treatment options to their patients and to take part in revolutionizing drug development.