Chaim Singal

Chief Data Scientist


Chaim Singal is a distinguished data scientist with over 20 years of experience in statistics, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). His expertise spans from the field of biostatistics to personalized medicine and responders’ analysis. Chaim has a profound knowledge of developing predictive models for pharmaceutical and medical device companies, with a significant focus on marketing and research-oriented models.

Chaim holds an MSc in Mathematics and Statistics with a specialization in Operations Research. His professional journey includes pivotal roles such as Senior Statistician in the R&D Division at Teva Pharmaceutical and Country Leader for IBM Business Consulting Services in Israel. At IBM and PwC, he served as a Data Mining Team Leader in the EMEA region, where he excelled in building sophisticated analytical applications.

In recent years, Chaim has transitioned from traditional data mining to the broader field of data science, embracing advanced techniques in machine learning and AI. He has applied these skills to drive innovation and efficiency in various projects, solving complex data problems with cutting-edge solutions. His extensive experience in leadership and management of statistic-based projects worldwide has equipped him with a unique perspective on the evolving landscape of data science.

With over 15 years of leadership and management experience, Chaim has a proven track record of driving successful outcomes in data science, machine learning, and AI initiatives. His proficiency in SAS and Python, coupled with his deep understanding of statistical methodologies, makes him a valuable asset in the field of data science.