Gerald Finken Joins the IPHO Podcast


March 31, 2021

Gerald Finken, the founder of RxE2 and E2 services explains how he is using an efficient clinical supply chain process to deliver affordable, effective, and quality services. Gerald is following this one simple rule of disruptive innovation to improve patient centered care. He says, “Believe in your idea, have faith, and don’t go against collective knowledge” to be successful in any area of your life. Check out his idea behind the simple foundation of incorporating pharmacy practice in clinical research and how simplifying this leads to innovation and approval of new medications at an accelerated rate. He believes in showcasing dispensing methodology while improving quality and states, “RXE2 is pharmacy for everyone, everywhere.” His contagious positivity and diverse experiences are the perfect storm for business minded pharmacists to try a new venture.

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About the IPHO podcast:

Each episode will introduce a new leader in industry who will share information about his/her role, relevant experiences, and advice for listeners looking to advance their industry career. The podcast hosts, Sergio Gatoulis and Alex Schepart, have nearly 20 years of combined industry experience and know what it takes to transition from pharmacy student to industry pharmacist—so you'll find something interesting no matter where you are in your journey. Pop in your earbuds and enjoy the show!

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