RxE2 Names Tina Schlecht, Pharm. D., VP of Pharmacy Operations

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July 15, 2020

Fargo, ND, July 15, 2020  ---  RxE2 announced today the appointment of Tina Schlecht, Pharm. D. as the company’s Vice President of Pharmacy Operations.

Tina Schlecht, Pharm. D., Vice President ofPharmacy Operations, RxE2

In this role, Dr. Schlecht will be responsible for:

·      Onboarding new pharmacies worldwide to RxE2’s decentralized clinical research platform

·      Overseeing the company’s E2 Dispensing service

·      Managing and implementing RxE2’s ClinicalTrials Research Pharmacist (CTRP®) certification program,  part of the company’s E2 Counseling service

“RxE2 is using the practice of pharmacy to make clinical trials a viable healthcare option for everyone, everywhere. Our decentralized clinical trial platform, first available in the US through Thrifty White Pharmacy (see press release at this link), uses pharmacists to dispense clinical supplies and provides follow-on counseling to clinical trial patients through our E2 dispensing services. We hired Dr. Schlecht to lead this effort because she is an expert in training and managing pharmacists involved in counseling clinical study patients on the use of their medication,” said RxE2 CEO Gerald Finken, R.Ph., M.S.

Prior to joining RxE2, Dr. Schlecht was the Manager of Clinical Safety at the ProPharma Group. She also served as the President of Center Point Clinical Services and the Senior Director of the LTC Division and Pharmacy Affairs at the NationalCommunity Pharmacists Association.  Dr. Schlecht began her career as the director of Business Development at Clinical Supplies Management (CSM), where she also later served as the company’s Director of Pharmaceutical Care Services and Vice President of Retention and Compliance Services.

“I know from years of experience that the trusted and personalized pharmacist-patient relationship can greatly improve patient compliance, retention, and overall study outcomes. For this reason, I believe in RxE2’s mission to use this relationship to modernize and improve the efficiency of the clinical trial process for the benefit of sponsors and patients alike,” said Dr. Schlecht.

About RxE2

RxE2 is the first company to make decentralized clinical trials a cost-effective reality. By integrating the practice of pharmacy into every aspect of clinical trials, RxE2 empowers local pharmacists, as trusted medication experts, to use their extensive patient insights to make clinical trials more accessible for everyone, everywhere, to vastly reduce clinical trial timelines and costs, and to help study sponsors and patients achieve higher quality outcomes.
To learn more, please visit www.Rx-E2.com.


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